I give lessons in viola, violin and singing for young and old.

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Online lessons

My experience

Teaching is still a fascinating exercise for me, even after several decades. It keeps me discovering new elements of learning. Contact with people with and around the instrument is a journey of discovery that also sometimes reveals a lot about different characters and personalities.

I have gained a lot of experience over the years as an independent private music teacher, teacher at the Mik (Musikzentrum im Kutscherhaus in Kassel) and teacher at the Kassel Music School. I was often a member of various panels of judges at “Jugend musiziert” and other competitions.

My offer

I offer the following lessons:

Private lessons for children from the age of 4 in viola and violin.

Lessons for advanced students and adults in violin, viola and voice

I support in particular with:

Preparation for competitions such as “Jugend musiziert” (Youth makes music)

Preparation for entrance exams

Theory lessons, e.g. accompanying school, if required

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

The provision of suitable instruments is possible, i.e. no student needs to have a violin already at the beginning of the lessons.

Of course, I have created good technical conditions so that online teaching is possible without any problems.

Student recitals are a matter of course for me. Every six months, each pupil has the opportunity to present his or her progress in a small concert. Through regular auditions, each pupil can experience in a small way how it feels to present what they have practised and how to deal with stage fright. This strengthens their self-confidence.

I am also happy to help with music theory, knowledge of which enables better access to compositions. I am also happy to explain this to students at school.

I am also happy to make an individual arrangement with you.

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